How To Install texlive-powerdot-doc-svn25656.1.4i-43.el7.noarch on CentOS7

Follow the steps below to install texlive-powerdot-doc-svn25656.1.4i-43.el7.noarch on CentOS7:

1.Open the terminal

2. Install wget on CentOS7 with the following command

sudo yum install wget -y

3. Get the texlive-powerdot-doc-svn25656.1.4i-43.el7.noarch file using wget


4. Now Install the texlive-powerdot-doc-svn25656.1.4i-43.el7.noarch

yum install texlive-powerdot-doc-svn25656.1.4i-43.el7.noarch.rpm -y

texlive-powerdot-doc-svn25656.1.4i-43.el7.noarch is installed now and ready to use!

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